Rebecca M. Texas

Gender Wage Gap

There should be equal pay for everyone in America and we need our next President to change that.

October 31st, 2016

Dear Future President of the United States,

The pay gap between men and women is one of the biggest issues today. The pay for men and women should be equal for any type of profession you have. Today, women work just as hard as men and deserve equal pay. This issue has been around in the U.S for a long time now and should be changed and fixed.

As a female, soon enough I will be working and I don’t want to be payed any less than I worked for. I would like to encourage you for a change. It is unfair for women to be paid less even when they are doing the same exact job as a man. Forbes magazine reported that women who work the same job and position as a man, are paid only seventy six percent of what a man makes. The pay for women has gotten a lot better over the years but we still should push for a even pay for men and women and all races. This is not only an issue for women, this is an issue for other races of people and how they get paid less. Hispanic and Latino, African American, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian and other Native women had lower median annual earnings compared with non-Hispanic white and Asian American women. Within racial/ethnic groups, women experienced a smaller gender pay gap compared with men in the same group than did non-Hispanic white and Asian American women. Certain jobs women and men get paid the same amount, but we should pus for all jobs having equal pay between men and women. Wage gaps are very unfair for all women and hopefully in the future this issue will be resolved.

As I begin working the future, I would like to be paid fairly. Women today work very hard for their money but still get paid less. All races and genders deserve a good pay for how hard they work and equal pay on whatever job they have. 


Rebecca M.

Student, KHS