Jessie B. Texas

Abortion issue

This letter explains my thinking on why the future President should continue to give women the option to have an abortion.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President of the great United States of America,

Hello, My name is Jessie Beck, and I'm fourteen years old. To start this off, I feel you need to be congratulated. My mother has been running for a Justice of the Peace, and just here in our little community it has been a great challenge. Knowing you do this on a national level is beyond impressive!

For me, I feel that abortion needs to continue on. Yes I am very aware that Republicans are against it and Democrats do support it, but I feel like a woman should have the right so say no,I'm not ready for this. Children are big responsibilities that are life changing. Let's say you have a young woman attending a party while in college. She may drink and later have unprotected sex. Not that this scenario happens often or at all, but we have to think of the possibilities. So this young woman is pregnant and she cannot file rape on the man as a ticket out. This young woman is now stuck with a newborn child attempting to attend college, get her degree, and build a life for her and now her child.

I feel that abortion was created for good reasoning. Yes, you are taking life away, but that is still a life that when given birth to would have to be taken care of. Every weekend I watch my single father struggle to give us a good time, pay bills, keep up with sleep because he has to work several jobs, and take care of my younger sister and I. He works hard. He goes home to his apartment that he must pay for every month. He pays bills and lives his life. He works to live. He gives up his earned profits. He struggles to take care of my sister and I while also planning for the future, paying bills, maintaining care for his assets like maybe his car or his motorcycle and he has to balance all of these things. Children are big responsibilities, and i'm sure you know that. So I highly think that abortion should continue to be a choice for women.

Thank you for all you are planning to do for our country. America thanks you.


Jessie Beck