Kyleigh F. Texas

Why We Must Fund Medical Research

Persuasive letter to the next President advocating medical research funding

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Everywhere people are given news that change their life for the worse they’re being told that they, or a loved one, has a life changing, or life ending disease. Autism, Cancer, and Alzheimer's all illnesses that can bring families together or tear them apart. Children’s dreams are crushed, wives can no longer support their families, parents no longer recognize their own children.The question I ask is “Why?” why do these horrible disease still exist? Sadly the answer is quite simple it’s because nobody feels the need to do anything. If our country could find safer treatment, or even cures to these diseases it will greatly improve the quality of our nation. Diseases that everyone once feared could soon become history. Sir, or Ma'am, fund medical research.

Everyday families are suffering due to this horrible problems such as, trying to pay off medical bills, make sure that their loved one is happy, and all while trying to live a normal life. It’s terrible. Making medical research for these illnesses a top priority will allow these families a easier way of handling everything. Throughout his term president Barack Obama has set aside $1 million dollars to try and find a cure for cancer. Now as good as this is cancer isn’t the only problem, statistics show that 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer's . This is your top priority.

Some people may argue that medical research isn't affordable, expensive, and a waste of tax money But they’re wrong, in fact funding for medical research actually comes from government grants, taxes, and by private companies. It made be hard to believe but 75% of clinical trials are paid for by private companies, not taxes.

Another positive is that this will not only benefit the US, but countries all over the world. This could greatly improve lives all over the world. If we improve our medical technology we could gain many powerful allies. Everywhere we look we see ads trying to help people in areas such as Africa, and how diseases are severely damaging their countries. We could also sell our medical technology to our more economically privileged allies such as Great Britain. So not only will this benefit the lives of people but could help improve our economy. Medical research could greatly improve many aspects of everyday life, which is why it’s your number one priority.

I would like to congratulate you on winning the election, this job takes a lot of responsibility. I trust you will use this responsibility to improve our nation. Mr. or Madam president remember these points, and invest in medical research.

Sincerely, Kyleigh

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