Avery M. Wisconsin

Should Abortion be Legal?

Many people believe that woman should have the option of abortion because of an unplanned pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy, this is a great debate.

The process of abortion is extremely harmful to the baby and the woman, considering it kills the baby before it is even born. So not only will the the girl be in lots of pain but so will the baby. Abortion agencies make around 500 million dollars each year but they don't consider the life of the child that doesn't get a say in what happens to them.  Of course  c when you have dreams, plans, and inspiration and an unwanted pregnancy occurs abortion may be the best choice for them, but many people disagree with abortion in believing that it's considered murder and a crime. 

When you get an abortion there is not only one surgery but multiple so that they make sure that they get everything. Leaving lots of scarred tissue and the risk of endometriosis says the source " Feminist for Life." Also another risk is not being able to have another child in the future due to the long term effects of abortion. This happens because abortion is very unnatural to the women's since child birth is supposed to be natural and beautiful but this can be the exact opposite.  

 Studies say that when a baby is born unwanted it can lead to an unhealthy baby vs having a baby that was brought into this world being wanted and loved. There are other options than abortion, like consider parenting the child or having a family member parent the child. Also you can think about putting the child in foster care says the source " Womans Source", this may not seem ideal but you're giving the child a life and a future. 

I hope are new president will help make woman consider all her options and do whatever they can do to give a child a future and a shot at happiness.