Karen F. Kentucky


Women should have the right to choose what they do with their body.

Dear Future President,

                 I know you're a narcissist but there is real world issues that you need to start looking at. Not so much at the moment, but in past months abortion laws have been a big decision. I believe women should be able to make the decision themselves on whether they want to or if they can raise a baby, and I don't believe that it should be men making the decision for them. We live in a patriarchal society where the male thinks he has the right to decide over everything, but in this matter it's simply not true. I think women should be aloowed to make this decision themselves because there is many uncontrollable situations where a women should be allowed to choose.

               This day rape culture is thought of very differenlt, judges sit down the rapist and the victim and accuse the victim of being raped because of the way the was acting or was dressed, and simply acknowledge the rapist and give them advice in life. More than often these women that are rapeds end up getting pregnant due to their rapists not using protection when they're "in the heat of the moment". This is one perfect example where if she winds up pregnant she should be able to abort the baby if she wants to,  I for one wouldn't like to have a reminder of how I was attacked and abused on the daily for the rest of my life.

               Another reason women should have the right to choose whether they want abortions or not is because sometimes they get pregnant at inconvenient times in life. The rate of teenage pregnancies is always going up and many of these are unwanted or inconvenient at the time. We can't expect a teenager who wants to have a career, to take care of a baby and do well in school. By logic, maternal instincts will kick in and she'll be consumed by the baby and forget about school. Now that she has a baby with more expenses she'll most likely need a job too, which will give her even less time to focus on school and ensure a good career for herself.

               One more reason is that if she were to give up the baby, the baby would more than likely be stuck in the foster system for the rest of it's childhood.  The United States foster system is seriously corrupted and most of the kids in the foster system only leave it ewhen they outgrow the system. If she were to carry the baby to term, the baby would still be eternally doomed.

               In conclusion I believe that whther or not ot have an abortion should ultimately be the womans decision. Whether or not people support this idea, it's not really right to control what someone does with their body, especially when they don't know all of the circumstances that they're in. In the end the person will still suffer regardless of what will happen, but it'll most likely all be a bit easier if she was able to make the decision for herself and not because people are hating on her.