Charles New York

Unfair Sentences

It's guns and bullets /and some cops take advantage of that they do want they want / shoot when they feel like it / arrest who they want to / and they do it violently law enforcement pointer finger has fallen under the flame in the soul of a gun.


in the year of 2015 the law enforcement has  taken  1,125 innocent peoples lives this includes  every police department in the U.S the most deaths have happen in  California over 213 innocent people have died by law enforcement. 

 Petrohilos,Dylan. Here’s How Many People Police Killed In 2015.                                                                                                           

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

Each of my students has a voice that needs to be heard. These are the minds and hearts that will help shape our country's future. All student writing, audio, video and artwork is 100% original and supported with in-depth research. Enjoy their incredible work.

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