Eahsani W. Massachusetts

Letter to the president

Letter to our next president discussing Police Brutality & Discrimination to Blacks

  Hello Future President. My name is Eahsani from Community Academy of Science & Health High School (CASH) in Boston, Mass. I'm writing this letter to speak upon the violence  and police brutality against blacks & how they're being highly discriminated against. 

  First off,  a lot of innocent blacks are getting killed by the police from something as simple as a traffic stop. Not too long ago I was watching the news and I saw footage of a black man who got gunned down by the police but he had no type of weapon on him and his hands were raised in the air. Back in summer of 2014, another person who was killed by police was Eric Garner. He was choked by police officers after he had told them he couldn't breath. These situations has started riots and protests all around the country and even in other countries. Black Lives Matter, Hands Up Don't Shoot, were born out of these injustices. It also has to do with with blacks being discriminated against. That includes blacks not getting certain jobs. 

  The major issue within this problem is that the news and articles on this topic never tell it how it really is. They never show or tell it as police brutality because it's always towards colored and black people. We're already shown as the "bad" or "criminals" in the country and that's where the discrimination comes in. Nobody really tells the good side of the blacks and people of color and how we're some of the most successful people in this country. 

  This should be a very important issue for you to focus on because a lot of families are affected by what's going in the the urban community and its sad that some of it is from the people who are suppose to be protecting us. The ones who want our respect. I hope you do get to read this.

                                                                                                                                              Sincerely Eahsani W.