Chloe Iowa

Dear Future President,

I understand that our nation is always going to have problems; however, we need to start taking care of those problems one by one. A major problem that we need to tackle right away is police brutality. Lately, it seems like almost every morning I hear a new new's story about police brutality. It is getting out of hand, and we need to act fast to make a change before the situation worsens. Police brutality happens everyday, and it is not okay for this to be happening all around our nation. We have done a lot to make this nation what it is and we can’t let it fall apart now. We need to control our officers and our civilians. The cold hard truth is that people are afraid of police officers, and I can understand why with everything you hear on the news. The media makes almost every situation at least twice as worse as it is in reality. They make it sound like officers are doing the opposite of what they are suppose to do; they want to put us in harms way not save us. In some cases, that statement might ring true, but it's not true overall. We have both good and bad police officers, which is bound to happen in any profession, unfortunately. The videos you see of officers slamming people to the ground are not edited. Some of these stories are the straight truth. It sickens me to see the videos of officers throwing someone to the ground and beating them up for no good reason. In cases like these, I believe the punishment should be putting that officer on desk duty. If the same officer gets reported three time for excessive force, I strongly believe it is time for them to give up their badge. Don’t get me wrong, if excessive force is needed in cases like self defense than I understand. But if it is for someone not responding to you when you ask them a question, that is completely out of control. We need to put this kind of behavior to a stop. Sincerely, Chloe J.