Edward K. New York

Social Justice and Black Lives Matter - Is it our best interest?

I go through different facts and details about the "Issues" that they protest actual fact and how you could prevent them because when protesting they usually create public disturbance and verbally assault people against them.

Dear, Mr.President

    The United States of America was founded on the belief of equality, but despite this movements of men and women alike are spreading across the nation these the Social Justice warriors (Modern Feminism) and Black Lives Matter. This is becoming a problem because although these groups claim and advertise that they’re trying to close the ”Police Brutality”,”rape culture”,”College Safe spaces”, and “catcalling”. These things although are problems if they were true, but a majority the time these things are all based on false numbers. Let’s start with “Rape Culture” a large amount of Social Justice seem to believe rape something that is a very large practice is in the US going as far as to saying that we live in a “Rape Culture” and when accusing people they say if a man has been accused more than 3 times then he is 100% guilty of the crime. They also accuse videogames for upholding and promoting “Rape Culture”, a prime example is Hitman:Absolution where in one part of one section of one chapter of one act of the game you are in strip club where you must evade or kill a group of strippers, and which they say that this specific scene promotes violence against women even though the game penalizes you for killing others than you target of which they argue that if you hide the body well enough then the game forgives you ,but being forgiven for a penalization and not getting it at all are two entirely different things. Now to the problem of “CatCalling” I honestly don’t see anything wrong with because they simply compliment a woman walking on the street you would think they would appreciate it ,but no they call you out as if you just robbed them of all their dignity. Onto the next problem “Police Brutality” when i say this i mean what BLM is “fighting” to stop even though blacks killed by policemen are a statistical minority compared to whites killed by police where 50% of people killed in police shootings are white. To the next problem which is the lst and that is “College Safe-Spaces” which are in short a place where women can talk about the previously mentioned problems without outside disturbance which prevents them from learning any outside views and topics.In conclusion I think that we can stop this unnessesary violence and harassment by giving out more iformation on the subjects in clear distinct ways.

                                                     Sincerely yours,

                                                      Edward T Kol.

Kimberly Young

Social Studies 8H

Honors Class 2016-2017

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