Carlos O. Illinois

Global Warming

Global Warming is a big issue it is making our planet more warmer and why we should do something about it.

Dear Future President

Let's talk about global warming and how it is affecting our world. First off, fossil fuels are letting out so much carbon dioxide and the things that are affecting this are cars that run on gas or diesel, factory’s, etc. All those things are making our planet more warmer and making our seas rise. According to National Geographic species are going extinct. For example Even the first mammal that went extinct was the Humble Bramble Cay Melomys.Iit has disappeared from its island in the Great Barrier Reef. Another example is that more coral reefs are dying because of global warming. This means that there are no habitat for fish and other sea animals and also the polar ice caps are melting. If they all melt, there would be no more Florida, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. All the coastline cities would be gone for good.

This is what you can do: if we stop using fossil fuels we can switch to solar panels and also go to solar cars which only use the sun for them to work and the solar panels can give light to houses so that we don't need to use regular electricity from the factories. There are even more things we can do so that we can stop burning fossil fuels. These are just a couple of examples to stop using fossil fuels and also we should stop burning the rainforest and if you could make a law to stop burning our rainforest.


Carlos Orozco

La Grange