Nathan H. Ohio

A Man's Best Friend

Everyone is an animal, yet we treat ¨Man's best friend¨ like trash. If you hit a random dog on the street, would you hit a random citizen also? We need to stop these heinous acts and protect our loving animals.

Dear Next President:

Imagine a world where all animals are treated like trash. They are left on the curb to die, or are made to fight each other to the death. Where supposedly ¨Man's best friend” are being abused this very minute. Well open your eyes, that's the world we live in, and I have an issue that i would like to bring forth to your eyes. I know you're thinking like, Oh this kid wants to talk more about the wall! Or Illegal immigrants! No. I want to show some light on a just as large problem, but one not many people see. That is , Animal Abuse. And i'm not saying like, STOP KILLING DEER! IT HURTS THEIR FEELINGS! I'm talking like, puppy mills, abandonment, and physical abuse.

Let's Let's start off with a sliver, no, some of the problem, puppy mills. Do you know what they are? Well if you don't, let me tell you. Puppy mills are little (sometimes large, we don't know) centers where dogs are collected, then people force them to breed in small, dirty cages. Then they take those puppies and put them in small dirty cages to be sold. In puppy mills, they care more about making a profit than the wellbeing of their dogs. My neighbor has a dog that came from a puppy mill. Her name is Roxy and she was one of the dogs that was forced to breed repeatedly and so she became aggressive towards other dogs. These mills need to stop. They are such problem, there are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills across the U.S.

There are a few more issues i'd like to announce, and one of them is abandonment. Most of the pets I have gotten, were from them being abandoned. (P.S. Every animal i´ve ever had was a rescue) Let me show you.

Winnie- Winnie is a chihuahua doxin mix, so a chiweenie. We got her through my mother's friend who was plowing his field when a car drove by. Suddenly while the car was still moving, the window opened up, and she was thrown out of the car. He couldnt keep her because he had many other dogs of his own, so he gave her to us.

Max- Max is a 26 year old cockatoo who had an older owner. Max was emotionally attached to that owner of her´s. One day that owner died in his home and no one knew. Max got really stressed and started pulling out her feathers until she was practically bald. Now Max is still bald and stressed, but she has a better home with me.

Buttons- Buttons is a mini horse who had some amish owners. She was always kept outside with her bridle on and tied to a tree. She was barely taken cared of, all they did was feed her. When we got her, her hooves were bent up like elves shoes. Buttons was in so much pain from her hooves, she could barely stand. She would always lay down in her stall so she wouldn't have to stand. Now that she lives with us, she is more happy. Buttons hooves are still curved up a bit, but not as bad as they used to be.

The final category i´d like to talk about, is physical abuse. All around the world animals are getting abused, but most of it is physical abuse. Physical abuse can be as small as hitting an animal to making them fight each other for a bloodbath. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, but is still done all over the country. The dogs who grow up to be put in dog fights usually grow up in isolation, are kept on short and heavy chains, and given steroids to build up body mass, muscle, and aggression. Most dog fighting dogs will have their ears and tails cropped off to minimize the points other dogs can grab them by.

Animals are in every corner of the planet, and we miss treat most all of them. We need to start treating animals fairly and lovingly. We need to shut down puppy mills, or make them care more about the dogs. We need to stop dog fights and show these animals that there is more than fighting, show them there is love.  

Sincerely, Nathan

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