Sophia L. Ohio

Screaming Without A Sound...

Are you a bully, or are you a victim? Help the world say neither.Make your mark and take a stand. Be a hero...

Dear Next President:

I hope you can look at what we did wrong because this messed up and broken society that we are, killing people for fun, and making a mess of our school systems, is not what we wanted when we became a nation is it? I hope you can fix the problems we made, the bad things we created. I hope you can help us solve our anger and frustration. I hope you can help us do what we need to make this a better country. Pick up our mess of a room called the United States of America. You can’t just sweep our problems and greed under the rug and have it be over with like to many presidents before. You have to look them right in the eyes and tell them who owns this show.

Please take a look around at what’s going on and assess what you have coming your way as a president. Please order the U.S magazine because we have a whole bunch of issues for you. Look at our nation and ask yourself, am I ready? If you answer no to this question then make yourself ready. There is no backing out.

Ok, here is an issue. Bullying. Generic right? Of course, but it sure is important. All these little problems that not many people address are growing and growing, infecting us like a virus because we see bullies and how they have tons of friends, so we do as they do. We look and we immediately become infected. Don’t tell me that is less deadly than any other virus. If you can pay attention to malaria then you can pay attention to bullying.

Did you know that 83% of girls and 73% of boys get bullied on a daily basis. You worry about kids skipping school? Well maybe if so many of them didn’t get bullied every day they wouldn't be afraid to go to math class. You worry about kids killing themselves? Maybe if they didn’t get bullied so much they wouldn’t do that. Look at how all of these small problems lead to the big one. If only you would just take some time to learn a little magic so you can make this problem disappear, alakazam.

So please I beg of you, to see those people crying for help. To help them see the good in the world, instead of those words flying at them like bullets. Help them stand up to the people who make their lives miserable. Help them find a reason to stick around, other than to be somebody’s toy. Help them be the change that they want to see in the world. Be the greater person. Thank you for volunteering your time, and effort for the citizens of the united states.



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