Chelsea Vernoy Ohio


This is why I want to try to stop suicide people have been bullying and cyberbullying kids to we’re they want to hurt them self.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to you because I would like to try to prevent suicide. Adults and kids are committing suicide each day. Some reasons why people try to commit suicide is because they might be getting bullied or cyberbullied . This is a very serious issue.

These are some reasons why I would like to prevent suicide. According to the website DOSOMETHING.ORG over 22,000 people commit suicide each day. And every 16.2 minutes someone in the world commits suicide. Each suicide affects at least 6 people. Also men commit suicide more than women commit suicide but 2x the women try commit suicide but fail. Another reason why I would like to prevent suicide is because it is the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the world.

Mr. president, here are some ways that you could try to do to stop suicide is make after school or out of school groups to go to if you’re feeling depressed or if you’re having suicidal thoughts. Maybe you could try to make more ads online to try to get the people to go to groups and after school things. You can maybe try to enforce more laws about bullying because bullying is one of the most results to suicide.There are around 4,400 suicides because of bullying.

This is why I think that we need to stop the amount of suicide which there is about 22,000 suicide each day. Also that’s why I want to try to enforce some more laws for bullying because bullying is a very huge results to suicide


Chelsea Vernoy