Jacob P. Ohio

The Danger that Lurks Outside

Why is the weather so bad? Why is it snowing in April? Why is there so much trash on the ground? These are question you may ask yourself. It is because people on the earth, maybe even including you, make this horrible change for our environment. You can leave a gum wrapper on the ground, and an animal might eat it and die. Or you could drive in a gas car the release's pollution that can causes climate change.

Dear Next President:

As a citizen of the United States of America I fear for the future of our environment. Every second around the world our environment is getting more polluted and being destroyed. The world's environment is constantly changing because of the way people treat it on earth. Although there is many people that care about the environment there is not enough. So I hope that you, as the President of the United States of America, is one of those many people who cares about the environment and looks deeper into environment to care more for it. And if you don’t it will just cause more problems for the future generations to try and solve.

One thing that needs to be noticed are animals habitats. People are leaving trash on the ground which is eventually ending up in animals habitats whether it’s on land or in water. So you need to put harsher restrictions on littering and help fund organizations that clean-up trash. If this trash ends up in animals environment it could possible kill them in many ways. Secondly, people are not just leaving trash on the ground to ruin animals habitats, but also are killing their environment by cutting and burning down trees and dumping waste into oceans.

The waste in the oceans I just talked about is also pollution. In fact fourteen billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the oceans each year. There are six different types of pollution (water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution and noise pollution) and they all cause harms to the environment. Air pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to power our vehicles. One way to stop some air pollution is to use electric cars instead of gas cars. Air pollution is very troubling because it creates acid rain, and ozone which is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming or climate change.

Climate change is due to pollution in the air which we as people make. Climate change affect many people around the world. It affects the sea level to go up, the temperature to go up, land ice to plummet down, carbon dioxide to shoot up. All these affect due to climate change hold the possibility to change the peoples and animals lives and definitely the environment.

So you the commander and chief can decide to leave the environment alone and let starve for help. Or you could take a huge step forward by doing many possible things to help and make the environment clean and let it strive once again. So you who is in change in making decisions has to make the right one to improve our world.



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