Samuel A. Ohio

Education - Important, Necessary, and a Key to Success.

Today, one of the most important things is education. It is key to success, lets you live a happy life, helps you do what you love to do, and it could possibly lead to you doing something extraordinary. Yet, not everyone has the ability to actually receive an education, which is bad news. If you don't have an education, you can't easily get a job, leading to an unsuccessful life. With no education, comes no future, so why aren't we changing this? That is my question.

Dear Next President:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela) Hello, I would like to bring education to your mind, which I would really like to do, since I think that in the current time that we live in, education is an extremely important thing that people really need to have, yet people still can not get an education, in the U.S., and even in other countries. This, I believe is extremely unfair, since to me, the better of an education you have, the happier you can live your life, since if you want a job as a scientist, you have to know science, so if you don’t get the formal education that you get at a school, then you almost always won’t be able to get that job.

Another thing about education is that I very much believe, is that education leads to a great, happy, successful life. If you think about life, it goes like this, birth, then school, then college, then work, then retirement, and lastly death, and in all of those categories when you are living, you have lots of time to do whatever you want to make yourself happy, except for work. So, in order to have a great time in work, you do what you love. But without a proper education in the category you love, you can’t have a job doing that.

The last thing that I would like to address to you about education, is that I believe that the less education you have, the more prone you are to making mistakes that could possibly harm others. For an example, if you get a job a scientist’s assistant, but you don’t know anything about different types of chemicals that he/she is using, you could possibly create an explosion or a cloud of poison, harming anyone in the area. Yet, with an excellent education, that same exact person could expertly have been able to properly get the chemical or chemicals, perchance creating a new cure or something that could be practically revolutionary to the present day and world, which would be positively perfect for people.

Please keep in mind what I have just said about education, as I firmly believe that education is a great thing and that everyone should have the privilege of receiving one, no matter what race, gender, religious group, ethnic group, amount of money, or stance in life, and I very much thank you for reading this.

Best Wishes,


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