Kate K. Ohio

"We Thy People" Deserve Social Change

Our nation is corrupt and divided. When it comes to social issues, we become even more separated from one another. We are in need of a change that can bring people together, and make us stronger.

Dear Next President:

The work that needs to be done with social issues is flustering, but in the end it’ll make our country a better place. We live in a society that is corrupted and more divided than ever. In the next four years, please put in effort into making some sort of change. If you don’t, then “we thy people” will surely be suffering.

Unity is key to having a better country. All of us need to come together and support our differences. If the people discriminate not only does it make their race look weaker, it makes every person and every race in our great nation look weaker too. All citizens need to respect that not everybody is the same. There shouldn’t be a social standard, where if you aren’t like everybody else you won’t be accepted. Just because somebody is a different skin color, or likes the same gender, doesn’t mean they aren’t human. In my eyes, every White, African American, Asian, Hispanic, Disabled, Straight, Gay, and Transgender should be accepted no matter what. The way we view people changes for each generation. Every type of person wants to know that it is okay to be themselves. Let them know that it is okay. Citizens need to come together as one. We are all human, and we are all one. Lot’s of people have been forgetting that. Don’t let them forget. One of the things I love about America is that it is so diverse. If everybody came together we could learn a thing or two of what it feels like to be in their shoes. Maybe in the meantime we can find out more about ourselves. This country would get so much more done if we worked together. I want to live in a world where there is less fighting, and there is more peace. The citizens can make or break how other people look at us, believe it or not. If we come together, our country will be prosperous. But if we break apart, than more problems will be created. The way people act, think, look, and love is changing. We must accept those changes. This isn’t a man’s world anymore. Women don’t have to, or shouldn’t have to sit still and look pretty. This isn’t a White person’s world anymore. Every other skin color has equal rights. This world, this Earth, this planet we live on, was made for everybody.

Speaking of the world, what do other countries see when they look at us? They probably see more bad in us then good. Lots of the allies we have, may not actually like us.Let's create more allies that we can get along with. Lets not be scared of other countries (**cough,cough, Russia**). Stand up for America, because we are just as good, or if not better than those other places. We could easily defeat our foes if we had more help from our friends. Don’t forget that just because we want to make strong alliances with other countries, doesn’t mean we have to be suck ups to do so. We’re a country not a doormat.

Us women also should get to make our own choices. We’ll support the choices that you make, but you can not make certain choices for us. One of those choices women should get to make is whether or not they want to have an abortion.Abortion, every woman finds it hard to digest this word. It is hard for any women to get a abortion, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Don’t take that choice away from us. We should get to make the choice. Every situation is different, and so don’t say it’s wrong. If the women has a genetic condition in their family, if they were raped/abused, if they got pregnant in high school, or they are an unfit parent those are just a few scenarios where it is a good idea to get an abortion. Making that choice is hard, but it should be the women’s choice to make.

Serve our country well. Also, make wise and smart choices. Make sure to Keep focussing on these social issues. Thanks for your consideration.

Your Loyal Citizen,


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