Shenise K. North Dakota


Drugs have increased and hurt family lives.

Dear President,

Drugs are a serious issue in the United States. I can’t do a lot about it but I know you the president and the government can.

In 2013 an estimated 24.6 million Americans ages 12 and older which is 9.4 percent of the population had used illicit drugs in the past year. 90 percent Americans with a substance abuse problem stared using other drugs before age 18.

The most widely used drug is marijuana, the most used illicit drug. Marijuana is 70.3 percent of 2.8 million initiate of illicit drugs. It’s estimated that almost 1 out of 4 people who try heroin become addicted. Meth can cause extreme weight loss also dental problems. Cocaine causes your blood vessels to contract immediately, and increases your heart rate. Also your blood pressure and temperature will rise dramatically.

Drug poisoning is the number one cause in injury’s related to deaths involving in the United States. 43,982 people dead of drug poisoning in 2013. The number of drug poisoning deaths involving heroin was four times higher for men than women. Heroin poisoning for men is 6,525 for women it is 1,732. Approximately 16 percent of the drugs poisoning death involving heroin also involve opioid analgesics.

I ask you the president to do coming about this drug problem we have in the United States.