Joe H. North Dakota

Police Brutality and Black Lives Matter

My essay is about how the president should handle the recent outbreak of police brutalities and black lives matter protests.

September 20, 2016

Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C.

Dear future president:

There are many problems with the United States. I am very bothered by two of them. One is police brutality. Lately with the “Black Lives Matter” movement attacks on police were pretty low. The other topic is ISIS and other forms of terrorism. I think we have all heard of ISIS by now and if you haven't you either were born yesterday or live under a rock.

One of the first and most important things to address would be police brutality. Honestly, they should not be being attacked. They are trying there best to maintain peace and order. They don't care who you are they will be there for you as fast as possible but, there are still people who don't care that the police officers have families. They dedicated their lives to protect you and those same people who they are protecting have attacked them and killed some of them to. I think there should be more safety to the police officers of America.

The next thing I think would be important to address is ISIS and other forms of terrorism/war. ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Just yesterday in Iraq ISIS fired a shell at a US base . That shell is being checked for mustard gas. Mustard gas, made of sulfur mustard, causes extreme blistering of skin and eyes. If exposed long enough, you well start to have lung failure because of blistering of your respiratory tract. I don't think North Korea can be considered a terrorist group but they have declared war on the US. There intentions are attacking so that is causing terror so it falls under the group of terrorism. This topic is very important to the protection of US citizens.

To whoever the next president is, I believe these issues would be a good thing to address and try to fix during your presidency, and that they are topics that really affect the United States. If you fixed or tried to fix these problems the country would be safer for the officers and citizens of the country.


Joe Hager

Joe Hager