Julio Oregon

Drug Policy

Stop legalizing marijuana! Leave marijuana to the people who need it for medical purposes.

Dear Future President:

Do you want pot heads running around? Do you want them around your kids? This is the reason why marijuana should be illegal in the United States. Ever since the legalization of marijuana in some states of the U.S there has been an increase in accidents, murders, and the amount of people using it. This is an issue that affects the whole U.S because if every U.S state legalizes marijuana it will be complete chaos. The only people that should be using marijuana is the people who need it for medical reasons.

Legalization of marijuana in the U.S is a big issue because it will cause more problems in the future. So far, the numbers of car accidents involving someone being under the influence has increased rapidly in the states where marijuana is legal. For example, since the legalization of marijuana in Washington there have been an increasing amount of car crashes related to driving under the influence. This is because when you smoke, eat, or get marijuana into your bloodstream using some other way you will feel dizzy, have hallucinations, and not think straight. Then if you decide to drive while under the influence there is a high chance that you will cause a car crash. Furthermore, long-term users of marijuana also have lung problems, a higher percentage of heart attacks each time they use marijuana, and memory problems. Then to make matters worse, in states where marijuana is legal it has been easier for teenagers to get their hands on marijuana. This is a big problem because when teens use marijuana they destroy their brain cells, and those brain cells don’t grow back.

In conclusion, marijuana should be illegal in all of the states of the U.S. The only time when it’s all right to use marijuana is when someone needs it for medical purposes.