Kayleen A. North Dakota

Fossil Fuels

I adress the issue of keeping fossil fuels.

Dear Future President:

Future president there are many things you could and should address but there are few things I would like you to address. To address the issues surrounding the problem of keeping fossil fuels for power or not keeping them for power.

Please keep fossil fuels around it is one of the main sources of power for cities and states across the country. Losing fossil fuels as a power source would leave a lot of people unemployed in the United States and without power. According to “Investor’s Business Daily” page at investors.com “Unemployment remains a sorry 7.4%, but it would be much worse if not for one industry.” That on industry is fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels there would be a huge problem a lot of people would be unemployed. Also fossil fuels generate more than half of the electricity in the US, according to “US Energy Information Administration” page at eia.gov, “In 2015 about 67 percent of electricity generated was from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum).”

Please future president help to solve our nation's problems to the best of your abilities with what you can do. Especially to push to keep fossil fuels as source for electricity. Future president please help to fix these problem that arise in our nation.


Kayleen A.

Kayleen A.