Maiyah North Dakota

More free surgeries

There should be more free surgeries given out to the uninsured.

More free surgeries

Dear Next President,

I am writing to you today to say that more hospitals should offer free surgeries to the uninsured people of the world. Or to have a special day when they do free surgeries like the Surgery on Sunday program, and Surgical Saturday.

There are 46.3 million Americans uninsured! And 14.8% of Kentucky’s population, 626,000, are uninsured! People in poverty and having money problems are having no chance to have lifesaving surgeries. If they don’t get these surgeries they aren’t going to get magically better.

I’m not saying to give every single poor person free surgery. Just give the free surgeries to the people who can’t possibly get the money to pay before their time is up. Surgery is a hard thing to pay for. For example, one time when I was in first grade I stepped on glass that cut my foot so badly I had to get stitches! It was really expensive. In my opinion all health things are too expensive.

According to if hospitals would give out more free surgeries, they would be saving around $25 million and Medicare programs around $22million each year. I’m aware not every surgeon would want to do surgeries for free, but the one’s that volunteer would be so appreciated by the families. It would make their day. Also with all the money hospitals are saving they can pay for the doctor’s tuitions.

So Mr. /Mrs. next President are you willing to give that much happiness to both surgeon and patient? Are you willing to help the poor, uninsured people of America? If you are it would be very appreciated by so many people.


Maiyah D.