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Letter To The President

I wrote a letter to our next president regarding Isis in the middle east.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

I need to talk about an important topic that's threatening the U.S., Isis. Isis is one of the most dangerous groups, that only the U.S. has to face but other countries as well, therefore I think we should send our soldiers out there and try to take their resources.

Isis is a powerful force that’s massacring people from different countries. In the article at “Isis has over 30,000 fighters, holds territory in Iraq and Syria, has extensive military capabilities, control lines of communication, commands infrastructure, funds itself, and engage in sophisticated military operations.” This is the type of force were dealing with, they have the same power as a regular military force and since we're fighting in their turf, they know the surroundings better than we do. In CNN news they quote that “A variety of military powers engaged Isis.The United States, France, Russia, United Kingdom, along with several Arab nation, and Kurds.” This means that most of the countries are already joining alliances to take down this one threat. This is an example of Isis toughness since they’re powerful enough to withstand attacks from the most powerful countries. These are just few examples to show we need to take extra precaution to prevent Isis from committing more mass genocide to innocent civilians.

The reason why Isis do these terrible things is because it's all for their god allah. They extremist in their religion Muslim and they really think highly of Allah. So they kill people who don't believe in Allah and if they don’t think that Allah is their one true god.

Now, I was thinking for a way to stop Isis, in the BBC news article, state that “the U.S. said the fall of Iraq’s second city passed a threat to the entire region. It may also have made Isis the most cash-rich militant group in the world.” So as I said before in the intro I think we should send soldiers to take all the resources they have. The money they got conquering that land will be able to get them illegal weapons and parts to make explosives. Now I know that soldiers will be killed or injured because of this but if we were to succeed than we will weaken them significantly and finally fight back with more power. If that doesn’t work we will try to take the heads of the captains of Isis. Their has to be many captains in Isis since they probably do different types of operations to try and kill other religions and will probably send out platoons/squads. If we take out the captains we will lower Isis’s morale and if we take out their leader (the one who created Isis) than Isis itself will be doomed to fall. So what we need to do is before we go and try to take the resources of Isis we should learn everything about the captains. So Mr/Mrs. President I hope you consider this plan of attack and strategy, now it’s time for you to pull the trigger, to finally bring down Isis.

Niskayuna High School English 10R

English 10R - Block 5

Mrs. Werther's Block 5 English 10R class

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