Will K. Illinois

Terrorism: A Deadly Act

Terrorism is violent act that is causing families to leave their towns and even their own country.If terrorism can start it can stop.

Dear Future President,

Terrorism is a global problem and we need to stop it. This violent act is taking the lives of innocent people and causing families to leave their town or even their country.According to daily mail U.K we have lost 80% of our world’s population due to terrorism.

Terrorism is a violent act that is taking the lives of innocent people.According to daily mail U.K. we have lost up to 80% of the world’s population in just a year. We need to end this because it is taking lives and is lowering our world population. Terrorist groups cause these attacks.According to wikipedia there are 63 active terrorist groups that are causing destruction and are taking lives.According to wikipedia in the country of Iraq there have been 15,864 terrorist attacks in just 14 years. Terrorism is taking lives every second and our population is going down.

There are terrorist attacks everywhere and lives are being lost.This violent act is all over the world.Iraq is a place that a lot of terrorist attacks take place.According to Time and BBC the group ISIS has part of Iraq and Syria and runs it’s own government in a city.The 5 deadliest terrorist groups are: ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant),Boko Haram,Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force ,Haqqani Network and Kataib Hezbollah are all the five deadliest terrorist groups on the planet.

Terrorism is all over the world including the United States of America.According to wikipedia there are 13 terrorist groups in the U.S they are the KKK(Ku Klux Klan),Army of God,Alpha 66 and Omega 7,Aryan Nation,Black Liberation Army,Weathermen,United Freedom Front,Symbionese Liberation Army,Phineas Priesthood,The Order,May 19th Communist Organization,Jewish Defense League,Earth Liberation Front,The Covenant,The Sword and the Arm of The Lord,Animal Liberation Front.All of these are terrorist groups in the U.S. which means they can attack and take the lives of innocent people. There have been two big attacks which are 9-11 which took 2,996 lives and was performed by the terrorist group al-Qaeda and their leader was Osama Bin Laden.The next terrorist attack was the Boston bombing which took only 3 lives but injured a lot of people.

In conclusion terrorism is a bad take that is taking the lives of innocent people and is making our population shrink.Terrorism is causing families to leave their town or even their country forever due to this violent act which is taking the lives of innocent people.To help stop it you can look out for certain questions like where do you live,what is your address,what is your e-mail address and also what is your social security number.Or if a person is talking about blowing something up or causing a mass murder.Also if someone has maps and has pinpointed where they want to cause destruction or take lives then you should report that to an adult.Terrorism is violent act that is taking the lives of innocent people and it needs to be stopped because if it can start it can stop.


Will Killian

Grade 8