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Illegal Immigration

Letter to the next president regarding illegal immigration.

Dear Future President;

As many know, America is the greatest and most free country on the planet when our constitution is upheld. Millions of people from around the world each year enter this country to pursue the American Dream, the belief that everybody has an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work. There is no other country on the planet that has this ability, therefore it is incontestable that these privileges should only be available to legal citizens of the United States of America. Immigration has always been accepted and encouraged in America. However, when people sneak into this country, or overstay visas to try and live under the freedoms and privileges America has to offer, they must be found and deported. At this moment in time, there are approximately 16 million undocumented immigrants living in this country which increased from 11 million when Barack Obama took office in 2008. This astonishing increase in illegal immigration into the United States over the last eight years demonstrates the urgent need to secure the border and deport undocumented immigrants within our borders.

The illegal immigrants that come into this nation through the insecure U.S. and Mexico border should not be given the opportunities and freedoms U.S. citizens are granted. Not only are they here illegally but they contribute to countless issues such as national security. If we allow these people to stay in America this can attract those who intend to destroy America. Also, jobs is a massive issue that arises from illegal immigration, an estimated 8.1 million illegal immigrants are either working or looking for jobs in America. The final issue I will discuss with you, though there are many more to be mentioned, is the population growth that follows the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. With these people coming in by the thousands, they overfill schools, neighborhoods and deplet Americans of resources such as water and energy.

If the law is reformed and awards these illegal immigrants with amnesty and citizenship into our country, the repercussions will be catastrophic. Amnesty to those illegally entering our great nation will attract those who mean to harm and destroy what America stands for such as ISIS and other Radical Islamic Terror groups. Even now, hundreds of innocent civilians have been murdered by illegal aliens. Take Drew Rosenburg for example, he was only 25 years old and was attending law school. One day he was riding his motorcycle, minding his own business when he was run over three times by Roberto Galo, an illegal immigrant from Honduras. Galo came here illegally, but was able to receive Temporary Protective Status. How does that make any sense? He breaks the law to get here, then is given protection? Under the Obama Administration, these criminals are captured, sentenced to several years in prison and then set free. Galo for example, was sentenced to 6 months in jail, he only served 43 days (Examples Of Serious). How in the world does that give the families of the victims peace of mind knowing that justice has been served? Not to mention having to tell those families that their loved ones were killed because you as the government did not properly do your job.

The constant increase in illegal immigrants into America results in a major loss of jobs for Americans. Our citizens have to compete with illegal immigrants, people who should not be here in the first place, for employment. There are 8.1 million illegal aliens working or looking for jobs in this country. So close to 8 million people are stealing jobs from Americans, ruining our economy because our citizens can not find work (Illegal Immigration). That is just ludicrous and must change. Over the last eight years, the unemployment rate in America has gone up dramatically, partly due to job theft by illegal immigration.

Other than Common Core, an issue with schooling today is the large number of children in classes. In schools today, it can be very difficult for a teacher to be able to help individual students if there are 30-40 kids in one class. These large increases in class sizes can be linked to increases in illegal immigration. Part of the United States Constitution states that anybody born or naturalized in the United States is a United States citizen. What many people have decided to do is when they are pregnant with children, they quickly get into America where when the child is born, the child will be a citizen and a parent can not possibly leave their child so the parents stay here also. This tactic by itself is a very popular way that people have gotten into the country. A possibility of solving this particular way in may be to revise or specify that the parents will not be given citizenship, or that they must be deported and take the child with them. The population increase this issue causes leads to the need for construction of more homes and neighborhoods. This means that American resources are being used to build homes for illegal immigrants, again people who should not even be here. The building of more homes and especially neighborhoods mean setting up water and electricity. Again, we give illegal immigrants resources when the do not belong in within our borders.

Now that the big issues have been stated, one question that remains is “How were these issues able to become an issue in the first place?” The quick answer to that is corruption in our government. This is not something that we as a nation should necessarily be proud of but a lot of our top government officials are corrupt. They only wish to make their lives better, they do not care at all for the Constitution and what it says the government can and cannot do. Most of their time in office is spent pursuing issues such as gun control, first of all, the Constitution that they choose to ignore states in the 2nd Amendment, “shall not be infringed” which means this can not be touched. No laws can be attached or used to reform this amendment. The Democratic Party wishes to give these illegal immigrants citizenship because as U.S. citizens, they will vote for the people who gave them citizenship. Our corrupt officials spend all of their time working towards their end goal of a totalitarian government rather than listening to the people and representing them. The whole reason we have a House of Representatives and a Senate is to listen to the people, and represent them. If this is not done then the system fails and we end up exactly where we are now. Failing miserably to secure our borders, losing jobs to illegal immigrants, and losing any possibility of getting back to the America that works, the America that the founders created 240 years ago.

So, Mr President, there are the issues, now let me give you some suggestions on how to combat these issues. Mr Trump, step 1 should be rather easy for you since many say all you do is fire people. Fire all corrupt officials in the government and appoint new ones who respect and follow the Constitution. Step 2, Shut down all immigration into the United States for a short time, until we can get a grip on the issue. Step 3, Secure the border. You have said it many times “We will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for the wall”. Whether or not Mexico actually pays for it or not, the wall must be built, eliminate the possibility for people to walk across our borders and live in this country. Step 4, Hire more border security agents to guard your new wall, make sure nobody attempts to climb over, dig a tunnel under, etc. Not only will this protect the border even more but this will give more Americans jobs they desperately need. Step 5, Locate the illegal immigrants who are already here, and deport them. The deportation of these illegals will free up more jobs for unemployed Americans and homes for those living in poverty. And finally, Step 6, Extreme vetting, make sure that those who wish to legally immigrate into the United States of America are willing and able to assimilate to our culture, and also decide whether or not they will positively benefit our society.

On the other hand, many people believe that those who did not commit crimes should be allowed to stay, given citizenship. Even though these people broke the law when they crossed the United States border as an illegal immigrant. These people also believe that amnesty should be awarded to the illegal immigrants because of the reasons they came here. Whether it was to pursue the American Dream, escape religious persecution, better employment, religious freedom and everything else America has to offer. But again, that in the end does not matter. To receive the privileges of an American, you need to actually be an American. Legally enter the country and earn citizenship and only then can you live under the great freedom of America.

Illegal Immigration has truly become an issue in this country, and Mr President, millions of true, legal citizens on The United States of America have given you the power to do what you have said all along. Make America Great Again.

Niskayuna High School English 10R

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