Fiona F. New York

Saving Our People

More medical research on glioblastomas, children are dying and suffering because of this brain tumor. Please help save the people of our county suffering from this brain tumor.

I hope that you will invest in more medical research, young children,teens,and even adults suffer from a brain tumor known as a glioblastoma. I have known people who have suffered from this tumor and who have died from it. One of my close family friends son passed away because of the tumor glioblastoma. This tumor is found in the brain and is a very large and grows, people may have surgery and chemo but there really is no real cure. There is only about a 3-5%of survival rate. Families suffer and watch their loved ones suffer with this tumor. This is why I come to you the president, you can help invest in more medical research for this tumor and many more. Instead of investing in other county's save our people, we need more money and to research, there is so much we haven't discovered in this world yet imagine we could have a break through. When I grow up I want to be a doctor, by investing in medical research now it can only help my generation and many to come. Oh and good luck being president for the next few years make our country proud. 

Kimberly Young

Social Studies 8H

Honors Class 2016-2017

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