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ISIS, Biggest Threat to America

ISIS is one of the biggest threat to America, killing people everywhere in the world about 450,000 people.Killing people, monuments and that's why you should stop them and make this world peaceful.

Dear Future President,

The next president needs to focus more on targeting ISIS. They are killing people and destroying buildings and monuments. I’m concerned that innocent people will get killed and people in America would want to leave. A solution is that I want you to slowly conquer land where ISIS resides, but where there aren’t a lot of innocent civilians. Then we will try to move to their main headquarters and try to stop them from harming people, and make them pay for all the grief they did to the world. I encourage the future president to get other world leaders to help with this big problem.

First, one of the newest world terrorist attack was in Paris and France in 2015 attacking 6 places killing 129 people and 352 were wounded in this disaster. According ProCon, ”On Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, three teams of terrorists attacked six locations around Paris: the Stade de France during a soccer game at which President Francois Hollande was in attendance and was evacuated safely.” It means that this group is very dangerous and kills people worldwide not only the United States killing hundreds of people. They aim for the president of France that's how much they wanted to cause corruption and attention.

Second, another terrorist attack on February 2015, they destroyed many artifacts and structures with powerful sledge hammers and other tools. According to Kqed,”Over the past couple of years ISIS has looted and damaged over 42 historical and archaeological sites, some dating back as early as 7th century BCE. “Now the terrorists are destroying artifacts and sites for attention and profits. Worth probably a million dollars from these old artifacts, but now a company called Autodesk in San Francisco can now use 3D printing to bring back artifacts.

In the conclusion, ISIS is destroying very old and valuable artifacts killing people, soon enough they will kill everyone and they will spread their terror everywhere. We need to find a solution, so that we can eliminate ISIS. Protect your family, if you see someone dangerous and suspicious call 911. Try to make this once a peaceful world peaceful again, so you people need to act now. We can stop one of the most dangerous groups of our time world.


Andrew Pham

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