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solving terriosm

Dear, future president

There's a problem in the world called gun control. There's all of killings with guns and people don't have licenses to properly have the guns on them or to have them at all. The killing at school what happens if it happen again the people aren't supposed to have the guns That kill people and innocent children. Terrorism is another big problem in america there's less 46 % terrorist in america. 16 % are name terrorist are is the us important problem that we have. Terrorism is the most problem in america says 16% america. After 9/11 security has been upgraded. The military have been Iraq taking out isis a terrorist group that is very important to america in general if ISIS attacks us there's gonna be a problem. We can resolve this problem by terminating the terrorist groups like isis and other terrorist groups in iraq or by contaning the area and then bomb iraq and taking out the terrorist groups simple as that. Put seals in to get children and non terrorist.