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College Tuition

College tuition is getting in the way of other students achieving their education and life goals. I believe that the government can help make a better impact on students after graduation.

Dear Mr/Mrs.President,

The American Education system can be said to be on the right track but when it comes to college education, I believe that the government can help make a better impact on students after graduation. There are many students who sometimes can't afford to go to college and even if they manage to go to college, they end up coming out with a lot of debt. College tuition is getting in the way of students achieving their education and sometimes life goals. Many cases have been heard of where individuals with a college diploma barely make an income that can sustain them annually. There are people out there who want to become doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers , but they are not all getting the opportunity to accomplish that. One of the main reasons would be that college tuition is out of some people's income ability, and they can't afford. If we were to give these people the chance to go to college without having to worry about debts after graduation, then there might be a brighter future.

Sitting in a college classroom alone sometimes can be stressful in itself. There are a lot of unthinkable events that takes place on a college campus that hinders the ability for students to sometimes stay in college. Once a student decide to drop out of college, then there is the outcome of them not only being in stress but also not achieving their college degree. We always see people out here who are struggling to have a better life for themselves because they couldn't afford to pay for college or the debts after. Without college it makes it hard to became something important in life and in our society, but that doesn't mean there are not ways to help with this situation. I believe that with your help, Mr/Mrs. President, this problem can be solved if not fully, then maybe partially.

Though there are scholarship and financial aid awards that could help with the tuition bill, they don’t really cover much of the expenses. For example their books, transportation, and other bills that students must pay add up to thousands of dollars annually. My older sister, a second year student at Siena College, was fortunate to get a scholarship from the school.  However, it wasn't enough to ensure that she will be well off after she graduates. My older sister right now is about $20,000 in debt, and this in turn makes her very stressed every time-she realizes she's not performing well in a certain class. So with that being said,the amount of financial aid provided for my sister still wasn’t enough because the college tuition alone at Siena is about $33,165 excluding other things such as student activities, room and board, meal plans, and more. but with all of these combined, it all totals to about $48,292 or more. Though she lived home freshmen year, as soon as she lived on campus the amount of loans she owed the federal government went from $9,000 to $29,000. The struggle of having to think about how much debt she owes after college doesn't stop here though because as the years go by, the tuition will increase. After college some students like my older sister for example may end up with a lot of debt that can hinder their happiness and success.

College should be a place where students attain their education without worrying about the payment they have ahead of them. According to student aid, the student loan payment should be only a small percent of your salary after graduating.  I definitely agree with this because if this was put in place, there would be a greater chance that most students will graduate with less stress and worries about paying back college loans and college tuition. When you look at the college tuition and expenses ,you can tell that just for that one year the price range is about $48,000-$50,00.  If you were to multiply that by 4 imagine how much money that would end up being.  



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