IC New York

Letter about Animal Abuse

I wrote a letter about Animal Abuse because it is a serious problem in today's society.

Dear Future President,

In this day and age people are making dogs fights each other for money. These people that are causing these fights are only getting a ticket and then being let back out to go and do it again. I believe that you should focus more resources on standing against the cruel acts of dog fighting and animal abuse.

I think it is a serious problem that people are using animals as a weapon to get money. Having these people in the world is a serious problem because these people are bringing harm to the people and having them fearing letting their animals out. Having this as a problem in the world is one of the least problems in the world because there are killers out there and people that and stealing diamonds and other things. I get that animal abuse isnโ€™t the biggest problem but i think that u should take care of it and that u should raise the penalty for anyone the is involved or starts dog fighting. Everyone has a part in the world and if you don't do your part in the world you should be punished for it not just a warning, getting a warning is a way of letting you off in a way, giving more of a penalty is a better way of giving a punishment to someone because of what they did they need to be tamed and watched. I think that these people need to be really watched and taken off the streets.

From, IC