Numair A. Texas

Why religious rights of minorities should be acknowledged

Persuasive letter to the next President to acknowledge minority religious rights

Dear Mr./Madam President

Imagine if people were persecuted by what they believe. Think about people who have been forced to practice a religion that they don’t want to practice, even though the constitution says that all people can worship how they want.. What if people are being bullied by their religion? This is happening in the U.S right now, people are being judged by what they believe. People need to be treated equally in the country no matter what they practice. Mr. or Madam president you have to protect the rights of the people of all religions,

Minorities today are being judged on what they believe. Even though they have less people in the country, doesn’t mean that they should be tormented and have less say. When we had the first colonies people came to escape religious persecution and do what they believe. Now people are getting that here in the place where they thought was free. Mr/Madam President, you should protect our rights and from the people who criticize them by what they believe. All people should be together being diverse and treating each other equally.

People say that religious freedom might not be good because it might let someone do something that’s not even legal, but his religion says that it’s okay to do it. A lot of times, this happens because of the person not the religion. The people make the choice of what to do. Some people also say that it might limit the speech or freethinking of a person. This might be true, but people can still think the way they want to even with restrictions. People say that diversity of religions makes people argue about what’s right, then their is fighting about what they believe. There can be control over this, although this rarely happens police can stop the people and make peace between them.

The bill of rights in the constitution clearly says in amendment one, the country shall not exercise any law prohibiting religion thereof. But people are disrupting the rights for minorities. The roots of this country were made by people to be free and have fun like everyone else, but now nobody knows their own rights and people are taking advantage of that. Government interference in people's religions is illegal, there can’t be any expression or persuasion from the government to influence people’s religions. But now all the minorities are getting treated like they're aliens and don't belong with the constitution.

Think about a place where all religions met and had fun. Imagine a place with all people having no fear of where they are or who’s around them. Imagine if all people were treated equally not mattering who or what they are. This will happen when you Mr./Madam President protect the rights of the religions of all minorities in the country.

Sincerely Numair A.

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Cedar Valley Middle School

Ms. Collins' students

These are the wonderful ideas of my 8th grade students and their advice to the next President of the United States.

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