Thanusree A. Texas

Constructing a Diverse Nation

Persuasive letter to the next president advocating immigration.

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Race, color, and gender. These are the three main differences and difficulties immigrants face every day. Imagine an Indian girl surrounded in a class of white, just immigrated from India to the U.S. Different food in her lunchbox, different way of communicating, and a different way of viewing life. Immigrants have always been judged due to their poor education and racial differences. Diversity is what makes our country valuable and we should respect it because many countries aren’t economically attractive like the U.S. The immigrants view America as an entrance to a door labeled “Bigger and Brighter Future.” Mr./Mrs. President, sign legislation to protect the immigrants. Treating the immigrants equally values our country because it would boost the nation’s economy and makes our society more diverse.

Money is like water, some might value it and some might treat it carelessly. Many immigrants immigrate to the U.S. for economic opportunities and might not seem to be happy with their income. Highly developed countries are more likely to have knowledge-intensive economies. These kinds of economies are more likely to adapt to the new forms of labor. Immigrants should receive the same amount of income and respect as a nonimmigrant. This can cause more foreigners to immigrate to the U.S. which increases tax revenues.

Diversity can also be a negative factor. Our economy might not boost if the immigrants’ education isn’t sufficient to meet the needs of the employer. Making our society diverse could be a negative factor if the people in a certain location don’t like the idea of difference. For example, if there was an area which contained many immigrants, the Americans could feel like they are being overtaken by different countries. On the other hand, illegally crossing the border to enter into the U.S is a huge deal. According to the Department of Homeland Security, nearly eight to twelve million illegal immigrants are resided in the U.S. The problem with this is that it really matters who enters into the country. It could be a poor family trying to save their lives from poverty and educate their children or it could be a terrorist trying to destroy our country. Medical issues variously derive from immigration conflicts. Ebola. In 2014, a man died by developing symptoms consistent of Ebola while traveling from Africa to Dallas, TX. There must be a stop to this “invasion” because think about the people who are the real Americans. We deserve peace on our land.

“Strength lies in differences, not similarities.” said Stephen R. Covey. Creating our society more diverse is essential because our country is immensely dependent on the cultural influence of the immigrants’. In fact, this generation got a broader experience of how society works in different areas. Educating the children of various cultures, diverse languages, and connecting immigrants to other races will extend a learner's perspective on an immigrant. It’s not about what an immigrant will do in this country, but it’s about who they are and how they will pursue their dreams in this country.

Picture this, a family who just moved from the middle of nowhere to a big city believing that they will have a better future for their family. The parents might be working two jobs for a roof above them, food on the table, and a smile on the kids. If this is all it takes to work a family then you as a president should take the responsibility of making sure that immigrants shouldn’t be looked down upon from their racial differences. Boosting the nation’s economy and making our society more diverse values our country by treating the immigrants with respect. Immigrants make half of our population and they should be treated with respect. Diversity is what brings us together as a society to spread awareness of uniqueness. Being a president is a pretty difficult job and millions of us Americans look up to you. Value your job and congratulations on your victory. Mr./Mrs. President, sign legislation to protect the immigrants.


Thanusree A.

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Cedar Valley Middle School

Ms. Collins' students

These are the wonderful ideas of my 8th grade students and their advice to the next President of the United States.

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