aya k. Pennsylvania

My thoughts on Racism

By Aya Kanan

 Dear: President

My name is aya kanan i live in philadelphia i am in highschool at olney charter high school and i am a muslim and today i wanna tell you about racism in our country .

Let me tell you about racism as you can see we have many problems with racism. With the way people look or their color or the religion they follow. For example I am a muslim born and raised in america and i wear the hijab on my head and when i walk around most people look at me differently. They would think i’m a terrorist because i wear the hijab and it’s the fact that the media shows muslims as bad people and make all muslims look bad so people will believe anything they hear on the media. Another example is racism against african americans because of their color they get attacked for no reason. They get shot by cops and cops get no punishment . we really need to put an end to racism we don’t need a president who wants to kick out people of america because of the way they look or the religion they follow or how they speak.

Racism today in america is 49% of a big problem 33% somewhat of a problem and 9% a small problem but threw out the years i feel as racism gets worse and worse like people of different color getting killed . people getting harassed and racial tensions are on the rise.

As someone who has been harassed by the way i look because i am a muslim born and raised in america and i get judged on a daily basis because i wear the hijab on my head . me my and sister cousins and family get harassed and get looked at differently and get named called like terrorist or oh “look she has bombs” . but me as a muslim i understand my religion and i know that we are not the type of people to judge or look at anybody differently because we can’t judge only god can and my religion follows many rules . so as much as i can i keep my head up as much as i can because people believe in what they hear because media wants to make all muslims look bad.

As i was telling you about racism their is a major problem with racism and its important to me because iv been harrassed

The first time i ever witnessed someone being racist to me is when i was in the car this one day me and my sister and we were minding are business just driving and a man next to us seen us because we had are windows pulled down and we both were covered up and while his in the car. He starts cursing at us for no reason and calling us terrorist and he almost wanted to come down from his car and try and hit us but he was driving and he starts like trying to drive into us . that was really hard for me because it was sad to witness something like that just because im a muslim. Not all people are against muslims some people convert to islam and some support us and they understand that we are not bad people racism goes to all types of races and religion . like african americans is another example they witness a lot of racism too because of how they look and it’s really sad that people get judged for no reason and we have to put a stop to racism everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights .