Ashmal A. Illinois

Muslims in America

Muslims in America are being being judged everyday and we as Americans need to come together as one to get rid of it.

Dear Donald Trump,

Believe it or not, all Muslims are not terrorists. One of the problems we have are that rather than coming together as one nation, we are cracking into very small pieces from different cultures, ethics, and practices. Due to the terrifying and dreadful events that took place on September 11th, 2001 and the Pulse nightclub, certain political officials were allowed to make strong decisions. Those strong decisions would later turn into extreme hate in the midst of America. Not all Muslims are radical, but as one nation we have let others push and pull that stereotype.

So many students are being bullied for being Muslim. MotherJones, Kristina Rizga stated, “Are you part of the 9/11 or are you ISIS?” “Did you ever kill anyone?” “Are you going to bomb this place?” These are some typical questions that 12-year-old Abdu Rrahman Mohamed says he's been asked by his non-Muslim classmates week after week in his Long Beach, California, school.” That quote features the issue that boys and girls that are Muslims, get bullied at places they have to go for a whole year. How would it feel if you had to go to a place for a whole year, and people would bully, tease, and insult your beliefs?

When a driver is trying to commit suicide and causes a car accident and kills other people in the action, we never blame the car company for the murderous action of the driver. This is because people accept the reason that we cannot criticize the car manufacturer that designs, builds, and tests millions of reliable cars just for the reason that one of the cars they built was bought by a negligent person who then used it as a deadly weapon. So why do people have the right to blame an entire religion of about 1.5 billion harmonious people because of an action less than a handful of people caused.

Omar Alnatour stated, “There have been over one thousand terrorist attacks in the past five years. Take a guess at what percent of those terrorists were Muslim. Wrong, now guess again. It’s less than 2%.” Just from that quote alone shows how people just call Muslims terrorist because of just a few horrible crimes or actions they made. In reality, it proves that Muslims only commit 2% of those crimes or events and they get the label as terrorist. The other 98% who commit those crimes are not associated with terrorist, but Muslims do?

Overall, we as one nation need to come together as one to stop different stereotypes that are connected, not only with Muslims, but also with different cultures, ethics, and background. As a strongly identified Muslim man, I find it very offensive with how you are planning to manage the populations of Muslims. There is no need to use ID numbers to track us. Not all Muslims are harmful. I hope during your presidency you gain that openness.


Ashmal Ali

Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley Sophomore English

All sophomore students at Metea Valley High School wrote letters to President-Elect Trump, voicing their issues on ideas that are important to them. These letters were part of a three-week project, where we learned about rhetorical situation; types of claims; types of evidence; and embedding quotes.

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