Jordan L. California

Equal Respect For Minorities

The importance of fairness and equality between racial groups in America

Dear Future President,

Racism and inequality are two things that are present in America today. We need to end both immediately.

It is imperative that minorities are treated the same way as white people because that would create peace with everyone and it would end unjustifiable instances of police brutality to non-white racial groups

One reason that it is important that everyone is respected equally because it would create peace between people of different racial groups. Between 2012 and 2013, African Americans committed over 560,000 violent crimes against Caucasians while Caucasians committed nearly 100,000 to African Americans. If everyone respected each other, crimes between different racial groups would end. People must learn to respect each other in order to reduce conflict.

Another reason that it is essential that people are treated equally is because it would end unjustifiable instances of police brutality to non-white racial groups. Racial violence and acts of police brutality are a very clear and serious problem in the U.S. currently. In 2015, a black person was 2.45 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by the police. A Hispanic person was 1.21 times more likely. These are acts of racial violence. Of the 990 people killed in 2015 by police, 258 were black. 102 of these African Americans were unarmed. If we respect all races equally, there would be more justice.

Some people believe that it is okay to judge others by their race or background and that the unwarranted killings of African Americans and other minority groups are justifiable because they believe that law and order is what keeps our nation secure. Well, people who believe that law and order keep the nation secure are ignoring the fact that people die everyday due to police misconduct and police brutality. It is important to have law and order, but it is equally important to treat people that belong to minority groups with the same respect as white people.

In conclusion, it is vital for our nation to be a place of racial equality and a place that does not tolerate police brutality or other unjustifiable acts of violence towards racial groups. 

Thank You,


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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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