Will. T Texas

Public Transit

Public transportation is needed a lot more in the United States. Here's my reasons why.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

So imagine you’re driving south into Las Vegas from Denver for a summer vacation and the beautiful Las Vegas skyline comes into view. It’s grand Hotels and Casino Resorts Tower above the city streets. But there’s something strange, and you know it, you look up. The sun is shining bright. Not a cloud in the sky. So you ask yourself “Why is there fog in Las Vegas?” Whelp it isn’t fog, it smog. The Carbon Dioxide your car spues out, all collects and creates this fog like gas. And I may just have a solution to get rid of all this smog. It is a plan that must be signed into government called the PTPIA which is short for the Public Transportation Percentage Increasement Act. The name says it all. It is all about increasing the amount of public transportation that we see in our cities and towns. PTPIA would send about $2 Billion devoted entirely into increasing public transportation. I have two reasons. My two reasons are it could reduce pollution (like the infamous Las Vegas smog) in our cities and towns and create many jobs for people. So let's get into some more information about the PTPIA shall we?

So reason one you should go for PTPIA is it could reduce pollution in our cities and towns. As you know in Las Vegas, Nevada, Their Pollution problem is really bad. Being in the desert valley with minimal trees and shrubs to help keep air clean, a lot of times during the summer especially, there will be thick clouds of smog that linger over the downtown area. You can’t see this from downtown, but on the north end of Interstate 15 coming into Vegas, it can be seen as clear as glass. This smog is not only gross, but it can affect people’s health. A way we can reduce this smog, or perhaps even get rid of it, is increasing the amount of buses and bus stops in the city of Las Vegas, and every city in the US really. We can even take this a step further by swapping all the regular buses out for double-decker buses. We can also create City train lines for free. These trains could take people to the suburbs and outskirts of American Cities. By making them free, it would make people want to take these trains and buses more often. The buses should be free as well. The more people that take these buses, the more the pollution will decrease. It may even go away permanently! Which probably won’t happen, but with PTPIA, anything is possible.

So remember when you were in those debates with your opponent? I sure do, and I recall plenty of times when you and your opponent had arguments about the amount of jobs in the US. Whelp if PTPIA works out, hundreds upon thousands of jobs could be created. And the best part is, they get paid quite well, according to money.usnews.com, in 2015 the average bus driver made around $37,470 a year! Not bad, anyways, again, thousands of jobs could be created. And most bus drivers will do it for an average of 15 years if they get the job and get paid well. So there is half of your problems solved already. Now if double-decker buses come into play, that could be even better. Of course there would be only one driver, but double-decker buses are high-maintenance. Which may sound like a bad thing, but there would still have to be at least 2 attendants on board to help out with passengers and minor problems with the bus, increasing the workforce in the US even more. Not to mention the buses would need to have minor and major repairs done in a shop. And your average Dad-who-can-change-the-oil-in-the-64-Chevy couldn’t change the oil in one of these buses. So a special team would be needed. Creating even more decent paying jobs. So PTPIA can create many jobs as well.

So Now you know two great reasons to support, fund, and sign into law the Public Transportation Percentage Increasement Act. And if you’re thinking ‘Wow, this sounds good!’ I may change your mood. I don’t want to, but i’m going to tell you a counter reason. And it is that it would cost a lot of money. Ever heard the saying “You gotta spend money to make money?” Whelp this is true, minus the make money part. It would cost a lot of money to make PTPIA a thing. The plan Sets about $2 Billion aside which is dedicated entirely to purchasing new Buses for public transit, building and purchasing new trains and train lines, and increasing the amount taxis that we see in our cities across the United States. Sadly though, this would increase our already outrageous $19 trillion debt. So PTPIA may be expensive, but think about the american people, they're more important, and smog, like that of in Las Vegas, can harm people’s health, so just think about the people first.

So Mr/Madam President, you have heard my three reasons of why I think you should fund, sign into law, and support the Public Transportation Percentage Increasement Act. They are that it could help reduce, or even stop pollution, like that of the Infamous Las Vegas Smog, It can create many well paying, long term jobs for the american people, but despite all this, it would increase our already outrageous $19 Trillion debt. Aside from this congrats on becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. I hope you treat our country well and I hope you consider signing the Public Transportation Percentage Increasement act into law. It is a Must for the Good of the American people. Please Consider.

Will. T, Austin, TX, USA

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