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why me must repeal standardized testing

Persuasive Letter to the next President to cancel the standardized test

Dear Mr./Madam President,

“Imagine how hard it would be finding out you can't go to high school all because of a test?” Imagine young teens having to spend their summer and use all their knowledge and time just to pass one “snapshot”. One of our most important issues today is the fact that kids are not going to high school all because of a test. Mr./Madam President you have to repeal the standardized test. One reason is it's creating stress for many students. It also is not an efficient use of money for the state and district.

Standardized testing can be stressful for both students and teachers. Students especially feel stressed when there's something meaningful tied to them. Reports from educators show that students are experiencing increased stress in the classroom,especially during a test. Hearing your teacher telling you that you are not going to high school can for sure cause major stress for the student.

Some people say the standardized test can help prepare you for college. However, studies have shown that's not true.Most kids don't spend all their free time studying for this test because they know they won't remember the stuff on the test for college. What most people don't realize is that,the test scores are not sufficient for determining admission on their own.

In a letter to state officials, the department states how some government money can be spent to limit testing. Many states and districts for example get money to improve tests. When really they could spend the money to determine whether they have tests that can replace or if they have some low quality tests that they could get rid of. Why buy so much supplies for one test? Instead they could use the money to improve some not so great tests and decrease that amount of money to spend on items to use for the standardized test.

Congratulations on becoming our president.We know your first act of business will be to take away standardized testing.let me remind you why you should take away standardized testing. Finding out that you can not go to high school because of a test is scary. It's even harder because of all the stress you have leading up to taking the test. Becoming president is going to be a big responsibility. I wish you the best in your work, and don't forget to take away standardized testing.


Martha C.

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