Anthony W. Texas

Why environmental protection is critical for our future and lives.

Reasons why President should make environmental protection important and more involved in our community.

Dear Mr. President,

What happens when the whole world becomes bad? I mean the crops won’t grow, the animals will die left and right, and is super hot. Let’s think about this, we are the virus and Earth is the body. If the body gets sick, wouldn’t the body get hotter and hotter to get rid of the virus? The same thing is happening RIGHT NOW but with us and Earth. Mr. President, should you start worrying about Environmental Protection? Here is the two reasons why you should start signing into laws defending Environmental Protection. Pollution is growing because of unclean energy, covering Earth, its air and its atmosphere. This will make the air unhealthy and would affect the health of our next generation of children. The second reason is that we are ripping trees from their roots. We need trees to help us do many things that us humans can’t do.

Did you ever noticed how in some countries, it is super dark and dusty like feeling, making it hard to breathe? It is not actually dust, it is pollution. Pollution is caused by unclean energy’s wastes, such as burning fossil fuel and coal. If people lived near unclean power sources, they could get lung damage, lung cancer, and even death. For an example, in China, 4,400 people, yes, you are seeing this, four thousand people in China die not in each year, but every single day. Think of their loved ones, wouldn’t they feel so sad? Hopeless? We can change this, Mr. President. We can all defend Environmental Protection and stop pollution from hurting any of us, starting from now, today, the minute after you read this letter. The next reason would be about non-reusable resources and how it is important to defend it by enacting laws that support environmental protection.

Some people think that environmental protection is unimportant. They think that environmental protection takes too much money. Environmental Protection is very important. If we were to protect the environment, it would be like making Earth healthy. Wouldn’t we want that? Or do we want to ruin Earth and be like the aliens in the movies we make? Isn’t that irony? We are just thinking about the present, not into the far future. It is either that or Earth making us extinct forever. Environmental protection is expensive? It is worth it. Environmental is unimportant? Think of the future. Now we shall talk about why we should protect trees.

Today, we cut down about 2.47 million trees per day, and the trees in the world is decreasing by the second. Why? It is to make wooden products like furniture, pencils, and most importantly, paper. Cutting down trees is no deal for us right now, but slowly, the habitats of millions species would get destroyed and the ecology pyramid would slowly just fall apart. This doesn’t sound all that bad, but it actually is. The ecology pyramid is slowly crumbling, but it would disappear at one point. Once the produces disappear, then primary and secondary. After that, we wouldn’t have anything to eat and soon disappear with them. Let’s use geometry to give us an idea of what’s happening. If we cut down trees, then we would destroy millions of habitats. If we destroy millions of habitats, then the ecology pyramid would crumble. If the ecology pyramid crumbles, then we would go extinct. So basically if we cut down trees, we would go extinct. This is proven by transitive property of equality.

Now you know all of these horrible things pollution and greenhouse gasses can do to America, hope, and eventually the world, by destroying crops and giving us lung damage. You have to start now to protect our future by funding legislation and propose laws defending Environmental Protection. If you now realize how pollution affects the health of our children, Earth is trying to get rid of us, trying to get all of the virus off of Earth, making it healthy? We need to act now. Now, before it is too late.

-Tony W.

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