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Vaccines by Raghav Bhatnagar

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Raghav Bhatnagar

Cedar Valley Middle School

8139 Racine Trail

Austin, Texas


Dear Mr/Madam Next President Of The United States Of America,

Polio, Smallpox, Mumps, and many other diseases have devolved from widespread to rare due to the mass vaccination of American children. But some of those diseases are showing up again now because many parents are refusing to vaccinate their children due to their religious and/or philosophical beliefs. Fear and worry seep into parent’s minds when they learn about what ingredients are in vaccines. We as a society must collaborate to resolve this issue, but what can we do to get more people vaccinating their children? We must manufacture safer versions of vaccines that contain safer ingredients than today’s vaccines, since many parents are concerned about how safe vaccines are for their children. America needs to do this, so parents are reassured that vaccines are safe for their children.

Research has even proven vaccines contain many ingredients that are not safe or even harmful to be injected into the bodies of children.1 Research has also confirmed vaccines contain more than 10 times the quantity of aluminum safe to be injected into an infant. Did you know a dangerous mercury based compound called thimerosal is found in vaccines in a quantity large enough to make water a toxic hazard on one hundred different occasions . Furthermore, are you worried about becoming a great-grandparent because some vaccines contain a substance called 2-phenoxyethanol known to cause reproductive defects/problems in people . So your grandchildren may not be able to have their own children due to exposure to this chemical/substance, and if they do , then the child will likely have birth defects. Finally, some vaccines include ingredients not even mentioned on the vaccine labels, so the health care workers are giving your children chemicals/substances that you are not even aware of.

Some people cannot get certain vaccines because some vaccines contain ingredients that are against those people’s moral/religious beliefs. Now imagine a dead and helpless aborted baby having DNA extracted from its corpse and being put into vaccines without their family’s consent. You will feel even worse than you do now because vaccine companies do use DNA from aborted babies in their vaccines.2 Besides that, certain religions including Islam and Judaism believe pork and its byproducts are unholy, so people who follow those religions go without vaccines that contain those products. You can help make sure that everyone has access to pork and aborted infant DNA free vaccines by convincing the Department of Health Services to fund research on moral and pork free vaccines. Finally, the Muslims, Jews, and Pro-life supporters will be satisfied with you if you convince vaccine companies to make those vaccines.

Many vaccines also contain ingredients capable of triggering allergic reactions in allergic people. Now imagine a child of yours with peanut allergies having an allergic reaction to something that doesn't contain peanuts in it. You would be shocked, but what if I told you that some vaccines contain peanut oil in them and therefore they can trigger a peanut allergic person’s allergies . 3The APV has even said “It has been observed even in 1940 that vaccines cause sensitization/induce allergy”; so vaccines have been setting off allergic reactions for over 75 years. It is also dangerous for children with egg allergies to get vaccinated for certain diseases because some vaccines contain egg protein substances in them. Therefore, we must find a way to make vaccines that don't have the egg and peanut allergens in them.

Some people think that getting natural immunity is better for protection against diseases than getting vaccinated. They believe this notion because natural immunity stays strong for most of your life, but immunity from vaccines can lessen in strength as time passes. However, some diseases like Polio can cause people to become paralyzed, so it is too hazardous to allow people to get polio to gain natural immunity to it. 4 Also, the Meningitis disease can cause death or brain damage in humans, so weaker immunity is worth not dying or not getting the brain damage Meningitis could give you. Therefore, natural immunity is not always the best immunity choice for every disease/virus, because the symptoms of certain diseases are not worth their natural immunity reward.

You have now felt the horrors that are associated with vaccines, so please help me in my cause to make vaccines safer if you agree with me. No child deserves to perish from adverse effects towards vaccines, so we must come together as a nation to manufacture versions of vaccines that encompass safer ingredients than the vaccines of 2016. America will become victorious if we work to prevent more children from dying due to exposure to unsafe vaccine ingredients. Please think carefully about this idea because your decision could impact the health and safety of our nation.


Raghav Bhatnagar

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