Noah Pennsylvania

Standardized testing

There are to many standardized test for kids in the United States

October 11, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you today because I am a sixth grader and during the years I've been in school we've had lots of standardized tests and I know there will be lots more to come and I'm concerned that there will be too many test for us kids to handle and we need you to change how many standardized test we get in our school career.

Less standardized test would be helpful to kids because from pre k to 12th grade, students have to take 112 mandatory tests before they go to collage. Kids in there school career would have to spend 20-30 hours all together on standardized testing. When a standardized test starts it has to be completely quite and they can take serval hours and kids who finish early just have to sit and wait for everyone to finish, and those test can take several hours.

Us kids hope that you help us and give us less tests so we can have less time wasted from testing all day and years to come for other upcoming students. We are the future.