Joseph S. Texas

College Tuition

College Tuition is on the rise and we need to do something about it.

Dear,Next President of the United States of America

I’am a student in  middle school, and I am concerned for America’s future.As a student who will eventually have go to college I believe that students in and heading into college shouldn't have to worry about the expenses and costs of getting a proper education.Students should be more concerned with learning and studying for the multitude of tests that they will have to take in college.With the rise in the cost of college tuition,we need to do find a way to make college more affordable for everyone.If a majority of students cant afford an education what is the point of having it? There is a quote from politician,Bernie Sanders,that says”Education should be a right not a privilege”.

According to the average annual cost of tuition and fees for an out-of-state student going to a public four-year college is 23,890 dollars.This is proof that college tuition is very high at it’s current state and is bound to get higher.I say that the next president should call for an immediate decrease in college tuition and better financial aid for college students.If we let the cost for getting into college get higher,one day it will be impossible for the average day student to get into a decent college.This is a matter that we all need to be concerned about because at the end of the day it affects all of us.It affects whether we can get into college or if our sons or daughters will be able to get into college in the future.

 I firmly believe the expensive college tuition we have now is increasing, and that needs to stop.The more we as a community do not take this issue seriously the more consequential college tuition will become in the future.

Thank you for your attention


Joseph S.

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