Ainsley M. Texas

Listen and Learn from Each Other

The clash of opinions and war of words that ensues during debates concerns me. Listening to the other side and truly learning from them is the key to international relations.

Ainsley M.

November 3, 2016

Dear Future President,

As I watch the debates and how they unfold, my concerns for this nation grow. It seems that instead of a formal debate, a heated clash of opinions ensues, and instead of listening to each other, it is a battle of who can voice their opinion the loudest. If this is how we behave in our own country, how will we handle international interactions with reason? How will the citizens know if their voices are being heard if their pleas are drowned out? As the leader of our country, you should realize that issues are full of complexities and shades of gray instead of just black and white. Seeing both sides of a story and considering the points of others is a vital skill to have as a leader.

There is a difference between hearing and listening. The act of hearing is simply perceiving sound by ear. Listening is a choice and requires concentration. Your brain must be focused on processing sentences and deducing meaning from them. When engaging in a political debate, do not simply wait for the opposition to stop talking so that you have a chance to voice your opinion. A skilled debater listens to the other side and acknowledges their points. When engaging in a conversation with national leaders across the world, listening will leave a much better impression on them than if you did not. This is an essential skill for any leader.

As president, you must know that your victory is heavily dependent on the people of the country you plan to run. In return for their help in supporting you, you should take into account the opinions of all. It is very difficult to handle the views of everyone, but when they put your name on the ballot, they expected you to be the one to right the wrongs of this country. When a citizen or group of citizens come to you with an opinion you do not agree with, do not ignore their efforts to voice what they think is right. Consider their point of view and take their opinion to other members of the Congress, providing you with more variety of view. Remember, as president ,you must hear the voices of those who lifted you to your pedestal in the first place.

In conclusion, seeing one side of an equation is not a stable view for our country. As the future leader of the United States of America, a hefty job falls on your shoulders, and interaction with other nations and the citizens is in the description. The image of America is bleak to a fair portion, and being a great listener and a strong speaker is one of the pieces we need to put back together.


Ainsley M.

Student, KHS