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Deportation? I don't think so

Persuasive letter with reasons not to deport immagrants

Persuasive Letter


Mr/Mrs. President

Hello Mr/Mrs. President I am very sorry disturb you at this moment but I have a very important message for you to come across and think what is best for this country, today I have to ask you about deportation. As you know Immigrants coming from mexico are a big problem and many are workers not criminals and want a new chance in their life. And I byfar think this is one of the major problems, but deportation is not an option for me, this is a cruel and inhuman way and the 8th amendment clearly forbids a “cruel and inhuman” way. Immigrants also pay taxes, so their is the extra money that can be used for other issues. Also did you know that transporting tons and tons of undocumented immigrants cost more than 63 billion dollars. And that is why I want you permanently ban deportation.

I know I know you will probably say “oh these people aren't real citizens and don’t have real US citizenship and don't have real rights in the United States. But a long time ago many people were able to come to this “free country” and did not have to do anything to live here. This is completely unfair. And I know many criminals may enter and many mexicans might be robbers or thieves, but background checks are always necessary but a full immigration document is not necessary.

Deportation is not an option like I said before and in doing it will cause many families and friends that are together be removed. I don’t really want to say this, but I might (never) side myself with Donald Trump. As he thinks deportation is necessary. But I have got to admit if we think about the amendments the 8th amendment clearly states that “no cruelty shall be placed on [one] that has done crimes but should have a reasonable punishment”.

In reality many people think that deportation is not the best way to deal with illegal immigrants. And many people think their are better ways to deal with these “illegal immigrants”. Such ways are to get the all the illegal immigrants and send them through another checkpoint and sign up to be a real american citizen not just a person that has run away from their home country. In doing such they will have the sky lifted off their shoulders, meaning that they don't have to worry about being captured anymore.

This is why I strongly believe in not using deportation, as other ways can be resolved and will be more peaceful. I really hope that you will consider my thought and will think about changing your mind

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These are the wonderful ideas of my 8th grade students and their advice to the next President of the United States.

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