Broderick D. Texas

Letter to the next President

Persuasive letter to the next President opposing standardized testing.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

America is full of smart hard working students. Most have intelligent natures and are committed to their schoolwork. Then Standardised tests come along at the end of the year, and everything they know about a subject is crammed into a single test. It is preposterous that one test determines what one does or does not know regardless of pre-existing grades. Standardized tests like the STAAR use up too much of the school budget, and do not provide educators with information they need.Thus, it ultimately decreases the quality of student education. Mr/Madam president to better the learning experience for students, parents and teachers alike, standardized testing has to be removed from the educational system.

Standardized tests are practically vampires when it comes to monetary costs. Visual arts, theater, pre engineering classes all fit within school budgets provided by the state. Standardized testing is costly and will drain school funds making it challenging if not impossible to obtain money for extracurricular courses. Without creative or passionate outlets involved in school curriculum; students are more likely to become disinterested and disconnected from their school lives. Therefore leading to a steady decline in educational quality.

Some would say “Well how else will we know if a student has mastered the skills needed to progress to the next grade level?” What should be taking place is the gradual observation of students while they are learning material. Teachers should create customized tests and checkpoints based on a particular group of students not the entire student population of a state. Helping a student as they are still maturing in a subject on a personal level will have positive effects when those skills are actually needed.

During my research I have discovered a similarity in almost every anti, and even some pro, Standardized testing articles. The common theme is that standardized tests aren't telling teachers anything they don't already know. Teachers know their students and their educational development rate. Let the teacher, not the test assess their student and make the appropriate interventions if necessary. Liz Rosenberg is one of the eighty percent of parents at Brooklyn New School that say standardized testing is not necessary for a quality education. She says “There’s very little reason to have faith in the tests.” “All you get is one little score. You actually get no information about your child,” she added. “You get no information about what it is they do well. What it is they need to work on.” So let the educator educate, and trust their judgment on ways to aid students.

Think of what schools could do with the money needlessly being wasted on an unreliable testing technique. Enhancing extracurricular classes to interest students in areas and careers they can thrive in, putting more effort into helping educate the disabled and handicapped students that need aid, and giving underpaid teachers the wages they deserve. To secure a better future for the next generation; make the choice to end standardized testing. Congratulations on winning office this is a hard job but I know you are up to the task. Will you change this country for the better.

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