Abdel New York

Islamophobia in the US

Muslims live in fear that they will be attacked. Americans live in fear that Muslims will attack them.

Islamophobia is a big problem now in the US and around the world. People are either afraid of Muslims or have really bad hatred towards them. Islam is labeled as a bad religion now in the US. Many people think whoever practices the religion is a terrorist or a threat and we should have a different view to people who practice it; they are very peaceful. After all the things happening in the Arab countries or Muslim countries, there is a lot of havoc going on. There are many terrorist acts which ISIS is doing, and they say that they are Muslims. That right there is causing a very bad name for Muslims all around the world especially in the US. A lot of Muslims fear for their life to live in America. Many of them think they are going to be attacked from all this hatred that is happening at the moment. Americans also fear that Muslims are going to attack them. This is what happens when there are many lies that go around each are afraid of each other now. Muslims sometimes hide the fact that they are Muslims so they can be accepted and treated right; Muslims are afraid to tell other people that they are Muslims because they might bully them or they won't have friends. This is not happening everywhere but in many places all around. "It's difficult to measure a sentiment such as Islamophobia, the word for hatred and fear of Muslims. But it's also hard to escape the idea that living in America today is like watching comment sections spring to lurid life. The anti-Muslim rallies, the vicious hate crimes, the racial profiling, the threats and taunts and questions about divided loyalties." When many Muslims go to the airport to fly somewhere dressed in their religious clothing, they are searched from head to toe and they check bags and even their background just because what they are wearing. Some Muslims have gotten killed from this Islamophobia or hatred towards them. I see people who are Muslim get called terrorists and even in the mall when I'm with my mom, some people look at her different because she wears a headscarf. Since the religion of Islam is spreading and more Muslims are coming to America, people think it's going to be an even bigger problem of them living here, when they are just trying to get out of their country where bombs are dropped on the daily, and people are being killed.  Their whole country is being destroyed and they are just trying to make a living just like Americans. There are also many Muslims who were born in the US and have to go through this; a lot people treat them differently in different places. The media also gives Muslims a bad name; they rarely to almost never show the good side of Islam. They always show the wars in the Middle East or terrorist attacks saying that the suspect was most likely a Muslim. A lot of mosques around the US help many homeless people eat or have somewhere to stay for a little while when it's cold.  Every mosque will welcome anyone in. This is a side of Islam and Muslims the news never shows. It's crazy how a lot of people in America are against the Muslim people. 

So this is to the next president of the United States of America please stop allowing others to give Muslims a bad name, and stop all these hatred crimes.  I know Donald Trump doesn't want Muslims in America but please take care of this growing problem before the people of America and Muslims start fighting against each other and start killing people.     

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

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