emeli California

World Peace

World Peace is the solution to all problems in the World.

Dear Future President,

World Peace is the solution to all problems in the world. Sadly this world we live in has become negative and mad. June 12, 2016 a 29 year old security guard shot and killed 49 people, and injured 53 as a hate attack to the LGBT community. I've read that Isis had attacked their own city in Iraq, hundreds of families lost their homes. There has been 2,386 U.S military deaths in the war in Afghanistan as of October 18th, 2016. Our planet can have world peace if we stop war,help each other out, and we all become like minded friends. 

War and Attacks have been going on ever since human beings first roamed earth for conflicts and thoughts that can be solved in many non-violence ways. War and attacks towards people or a community of people affects everyone especially me. Verbal attacks is a problem we have, I remember once kids verbally attacking a girl because of where she came from, they said very rude comments about the way she dressed, smelled,and looked. I told these kids how they should stop picking on this girl because it was the wrong thing to do. War is one of the biggest problems on this planet, reading and seeing the tragic problems in Iraq is horrific. Thousand of innocent lives are lost because of the corrupt government. War also affects those safe at home like me. I realize that seeing, reading, and knowing about what's going on our globe is scary because we all live in fear not knowing what the next thing will happen to us or others.

Talking to the community we are having conflicts with is a way we can solve problems in a non-violent way. Talking it out is the best way to come to agreements, every time my parents and I argue about something we talk about how we can fix or come to the same conclusion. We can also ask each other how we can solve a problem, like war. I know our government can easily plan a meeting with the country their having problems with and come up with a great solution to stop that war and save lives. Lastly is discussing ideas and voting for the best one’s. I would discuss with the people in the world how we can all share lands and ask them if that would be a great solution to stop war and bring peace.

Teamwork always bring positive vibes and that’s a way our world can come to peace. Working together instead of attacking one another will bring great solutions to big problems. With teamwork our world can help each other out and give solutions to problems faster. Countries can become a team and stop war by talking or planning ideas of how war can forever be gone. If countries can join together as a team I believe we would all become best friends because getting to know each other instead of assuming and hating on one another it will leave them shook ; From my friends and my experiences teamwork always left us with friendships, so countries can too . Teamwork also will help citizens and countries know how to work with each other in the future. If we do get to team up the next time we have another problem to solve we will have an idea of how to solve it from the past experience. 

Since war is one of the biggest issues in the world we have solutions to stop it. if we terminate war, support one another, and agree to work together we will have world peace. World peace is serious because with it suffering, hate, and negativity will be gone for everyone. I want my future president to be the person to speak out and start working with other countries to come to solutions for our problems. I want my future president to end negativity in the world and design wonderful ideas that will make everyone smile. 


Emeli G.