Samy New York

Muslims In America

There are no equal rights in the United States. American Muslims are being treated bad in their own country that they fought for.

Dear future President,

Islamophobia is a really big problem in this country. To be honest with you a letter to the President won’t be enough; it will never change some people's view on Muslims. No matter what you do, some people will always have hate on Muslims regardless of how good they do to this country.  I feel so bad for the Muslims Americans. It angers me to see how bad they are treated; it is said in the U.S. that everyone has equal rights. I really don’t see that there’s no such thing as equal rights in the United States. Imagine you fighting for this country and you hear one of the Presidential debates where Donald Trump is talking about building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico or kicking out all Muslims out of the country. Donald Trump I hope you don’t become president and if you do and read this, I know you have no idea about what’s happening in the Muslim communities; the ones that's located in the United States.  You don't seem to take the time to learn about these communities.

They fear that they would be attacked; they do their best to help out in anything. I’ve been doing my research for awhile now, and I search about all the American Muslims who have fought for this country. I came across a name: Khizr Khan. I think that should sound familiar to you. He’s the father of the U.S. military captain Humayun Khan who died in 2004 when a car loaded with explosives blew up at his compound. "Pakistan-born Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American who died fighting for his country, was watched by his wife Ghazala, as he fiercely attacked Donald Trump at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia." Mr. or Mrs. President I could name you a couple soldiers who have died fighting for their country.

Captain Naqvi died in Afghanistan on September 17, 2008 just three months after he married his wife, Raazia, and was given a funeral in the same mosque. Major Ahearn was a Muslim convert who married an Iraqi woman whom he brought to the U.S. and married. The couple had a baby girl together. Major Ahearn died on July 5, 2007 from injuries caused by an explosive device while on patrol in Baghdad in Iraq. Army Staff Sergeant Ayman A. Taha was close to finishing his PhD in economics but decided to sign up to the Special Forces. He died fighting for his country. Sergeant Taha died on December 30, 2005 as he was preparing a munitions cache for demolition in Balad, Iraq, when it exploded. Corporal Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, 20, was held up by former Secretary of State Colin Powell as an example of how Muslims can be patriotic Americans and serve in the military. Secretary Powell has said that Corporal Khan was 14 years old at the time of 9/11, and he waited until he could go serve his country, and he gave his life.

There’s many many more I could name, but my letter would turn into a seven page letter. This is just sad how the American Muslims are being treated. I wish this would stop. I wish I could change people's views on Muslims. Many judge Muslims because of what they see on the news. I have a couple of questions. Like why wouldn’t they show the good sides of Muslims on the news? Why would they only show the terrorist?  I’m so confused they only show the terrorist side and in this country; they think Muslims are terrorists.  Terrorism is not a religion; the word Islam means peace. My point of view is that they only show the bad side of Muslims. One thing about Muslims we respect every religion; we respect what they believe.




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