Jayda Tomes Nevada

"A" for Acceptance

In short, I just want acceptance to be the main focus in the office and in the new president's mind

Accepting isn't just a word, it's a way of life. We either choose to accept something into our lives or to reject it on the spot. For example, some people accept their body image, and some people decide to do something about it naturally or forcefully. Another example, some people accept who ever the president will be whether their the right person for the job or not. Acceptance can be a very scary thing to some people. Like some parents are afraid of their oldest child growing up and making the wrong decisions. For me personally, I am very comfortable with the word, I accept the fact that tomorrow we will have a new voice to listen to for four years now I'm not saying that I will accept the new president right off the bat, that type of trust and acceptance takes time to build and develop. But I am accepting that they won the authority fair and square and that the people are for the most part satisfied with their decision. The only hope I have for the future president is that they will accept Us for who we are as a people. In my opinion that's a great trait to have as a leader and just as a person. If they can accept that we are not perfect and that working with us is not that simple as just passing laws and restraining certain results then these four years can run very smoothly for the president and for us.