Jace M. Texas

College Tuition

November 4th, 2016 Dear Future President, have you ever had a problem with money and had a hard time not being stressed? Well, imagine that as a teenager. My name is Jace and I have a very serious problem that must be resolved. College tuition is rising every year causing problems in homes all across America and this needs to come to an end. College tuition should be lowered for many reasons such as the strong side effects it puts on teenagers/young adults and the fact that tuition puts a tremendous amount of stress on parents. Students in their late years of high school and also college students are now having extremely stressful times trying to find an affordable college or struggling to pay for their semester. This should not be a common problem but since it is students are put under pounds and pounds of stress. In the article Side Effects of College Costs the text says “Forty percent of young adults delay buying a house because of college debt.” and “Twenty-Seven percent of college grads delay getting any procedures done due to college debt.”. These facts are terrible and trouble students across America! One may argue that it's not the college's fault but it's because students just don't want to do these things; however, these important accomplishments cost money in which most students don't have because of the debt but in them. Also, the amount of complications and dreadful situations parents have to go through just to help provide money for tuition is unacceptable. The truth is that not everybody has the best paying job and when seniors need to apply for college they are not able to apply for the “top schools” because the tuition is so expensive. Also, parents need to help their children get back on their feet once they are finished with college and are under thousands of dollars in debt. I watched my mom go through this problem twice with both of my older sisters and sometimes we would be living paycheck to paycheck because we had to contribute to my sisters semester tuition. The amount of stress put on her was unbelievable. Others may argue that parents are supposed to take care of their children and everyone has problems; however, parents go through so many different problems raising children and there is no reason to add more that shouldn't even be a problem. Finally, college and high school are both extremely difficult and the problem of tuition doesn't help at all. College tuition needs to be lower for the simple facts that it has terrible side effects on teenagers and students are not attending college as much as recent years. I believe that you should take action and lower the prices of college tuition to make the whole world a better place.


Central High School

English I Pre-AP

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