Tom Washington

Youth on Drugs

The effect of drugs on youth is too big to be overlooked.

Dear Mr. or Madam President

DRUGS, people use them but are they good for you? This is a problem because drugs have a bad effect on people especially teens (youth) and people should not be using them. We need to decrease the use of them and decrease or even eradicate the chances of people getting they're hands on them. One of the reasons people should not be using them is the effect they have on people when in use. Another reason that drugs are bad is that it can negatively affect the people around them. Drugs should only be used as medication and not anything else. I propose that we make drugs illegal again, with the exception of medication drugs of course, by making drugs illegal in the US we can cut down the transportation of them and cut down on the chances of people obtaining them.

Drugs have a negative effect on people. The use of drugs can have a negative effect on people especially the people around them, rather its their friends, classmates, co-workers, or family it can effect them all because of them using drugs. When you use drugs it can also effect those lives of strangers as well. Drugs have negative effect on you. I propose that we should figure out where these drugs are being made or being transported from and stop it, stop the people that are selling them stop the production of them.  They could possibly get addicted and spend all their money and start stealing money from their peers. When people are in use of drugs you might not be able to control of what you do, people could say or do something you might not have meant to. These are solid reasons not to do drugs because of the effect on people, directly or indirectly. Some people might disagree with this because of the way it makes them  feel but its only a short term effect, they have to think about the future their future, like  what are they going to do with their life. Are they just gonna do drugs for the rest of their life? What about a job? or a family? Does the feeling of drugs really feel that good to throw away your life for it?

Drugs not only have a negative effect on people around them it also has a negative effect on themselves. Young People who use drugs have a 5 times more likely to develop dependence("ncadd"). This could have an effect on their future resulting in them not having a job because of their drug addiction. Companies don't usually like “drug addict” on a resume. Drugs can also make you say or do things you don't mean to. This could also effect their future as they could lose control and do something that gets them arrested like driving under the influence. Drugs can also kill you because of its effect on your body. Cocaine when used it could raise your blood pressure, when snorting it you could loss your sense of smell, getting nosebleeds become more frequent, and has problems swallowing.

In my research i found that people who use drugs before the age of 15 is common to develop dependence("ncadd"), other effects are memory impairment, dry mouth,dizziness, depending on what you use lung problems like bronchitis("leafscience"). This proves that drugs are bad because it can cause long term effects that can effect peoples lives, someone uses drugs while diving and ends up in a car crash, this is an example of just how drugs can effect other peoples lives and not just the users alone.

Drugs are very bad and shouldn't be used it has severely negative effects on people and the people around them. This is why president you need to address this problem in the US. This generation might be the most important, I've seen people change because of drugs. The alternative I see is not the further intelligence of mankind, Instead of solving global warming we might cause it to further increase its process. People using drugs might not be realizing it but their minds can be used towards solving human kinds problems like global warming but drugs take hold of their lives and they throw their lives away using drugs. We need this, for each and every ones life can be fully lived and enjoyed. I propose that we make drugs illegal and make it harder to obtain by finding and arresting drug dealers and drug farms. As mankind we want to take a step forward but if drugs is further more exposed to the young our next generation could be taking a step backward so please address this problem in our current society.

From: Tom N.

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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