Alli Pennsylvania


Alcohol is very bad for people and it can harm them.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you because alcohol is very concerning to me. Alcohol is not healthy for people and it can make them feel very sick and I want to stop that.Alcohol is a liquid that is very similar to beer and wine. You should definitely stop that because if you get caught drinking and driving then you will get arrested. About 1.46 million people got arrested for drinking and driving. They will most likely have to pay more then 100 million dollars. The smallest amount anyone every had to pay was 9,500 dollars. There is a very big chance that people will get cancer from drinking alcohol to much and some people even pass away from drinking a lot. In conclusion, I think you, as the future president, should limit drinking and driving because it is very bad for people to drink too much and it makes them out of hand.